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Author Topic: Why Compatibility Matters in a Relationship  (Read 2846 times)


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Why Compatibility Matters in a Relationship
« on: May 13, 2020, 08:04:12 PM »

Compatibility is one of the factors that influence the success of a relationship. If you donít share interests with your partner, your relationship will eventually wear off. Basically, compatible partners share similar opinions and views on issues that matter to them. But,

what is compatibility?

Compatibility refers to natural alignment of the values and lifestyle choices of two people. A stripper and a priest for instance, are incompatible. A man that values educated and intelligent women canít date a girl that dropped out of high school. If such people try to date, they will eventually go separate ways. Thus, compatibility is very important in a long-term relationship.

Without compatibility, a relationship breaks down. And you donít want to enter a relationship that will eventually break down. Although you may not be 100% compatible, make sure that you are somehow compatible with your partner. Here are some of the reasons why compatibility matters in a relationship.

Partners Should Be Emotionally Equal

When one partner is emotionally dependent on the other, the relationship is generally unhealthy. This dependency is harmful because a
partner that tries to compensate some traits lacks at corresponding traits of their partner. Thatís why only integrated personalities can have a successful relationship. This is a way via which compatibility shows in a relationship.

Sex is Not Everything

Although it is important in a relationship, sex alone canít make a relationship last. But, when partners are compatible, this comes like an icing on the cake. It just makes a relationship deeper and stronger. So, if you are having a lot of it yet your relationship is going south, you are just fooling yourself.

Looks Fade

After the looks fade, because they will do some day, will your relationship remain? Compatibility is not superficial. Your attention may have been caught by superficial things like looks. But, these do not last forever. Her waist line may expand, skin wrinkle, and hair thin. But, shared friendship and interests will last through your lifetime.

Some Traits Matter

Shared traits like being humorous are very important. Couples that share a sense of humor tend to be happier. Thatís because the ability to laugh with your partner is a crucial element that makes a healthy and strong relationship. If you want to banter your partner or get childish, you should not fear misunderstanding or disapproval from them. Instead, you should feel comfortable with your partner regardless of the circumstances.

Social Groups

Everybody belongs to a social group. If you belong to different social groups with your partner, you are likely to have problems. Essentially, partners that belong to similar social groups and backgrounds tend to be happier and better. Thatís because they share the same values and education level. And compatibility of social groups or backgrounds leads to successful relationships.

Basically, different views may not necessarily mean that a couple is incompatible and therefore not likely to have a healthy relationship. In some cases, what matters most is the willingness of a partner to understand, compromise, and sacrifice to ensure the happiness of their significant other.