Wonderful Night With Widow SisterWonderful Night With Widow Sister

This is Hira from Kathmandu.I would like to take all of you direct to my story. It was a Dashain festival day of 2007.We three brothers and four sisters were celebrating the Dashain together at our eldest brother’s home. General we take whisky in night time. We three brothers and one sister took whisky rest did not take. We four of us were drunk. Eldest brother and his wife went to their room. Second elder brother slept in sofa. Myself and four sisters went to a big room to sleep.

All my sisters do love me very much though I am a 45 years old man they treat me like a child. In that room there was a Low bed. They asked me to sleep there and my second sister who is widow came to sleep with me. Rests were sleep on the ground. My second sister became widow in her age of 32.Now she is 53.In her that age she was so beautiful. I always dreamed to fuck her. Though I was drunk I have complete sense. One of sister switched off the tube light. I was making a plan in my mind how to fuck her in that room. I have to make sure that all sisters have to be in full sleep.

One of my sister started snoring. It was the proof. I slowly lift my right leg and put it on her body and waited for her reaction. She did nothing. Then I put my right hand on her breast. Again she did not show any reaction. I thought that she also gone asleep. I slowly care her big boobs. She did not say anything. I got courage and reach my hand to her old pussy. It was completely dry. When I slowly started fingering her pussy she took my hand and throws it to my chest. I pretended that I am doing it with my wife. I said her name and request her to allow to fuck her.

She did not say anything rather she went to sleep with other sisters. That day I could not do anything I live in Japan. I always take whisky. One night after having whisky I called her and asked her about if she did mind when I touched her boobs and pussy that night. She said no I did not mind because I thought that you were doing that with me thinking I am your own wife. Then I again told her that I knew everything. What I wanted to make you know is as other sisters have sex with their husband and fulfill their desire you also have to get an opportunity to have sex with somebody.

I wanted to fulfill your desire. She just replied really. After that we talked everything about sex. I said to her that I want to fuck your two daughters and daughter in law. She said to me that I can fuck her two daughters but cannot fuck her daughter in law. I travelled to Nepal. One night I did make plan to visit her. I took 90ml whisky and went to her house. I asked her to stay with me so that we can talk. She agreed and we stay long time in her room. Rests got asleep. I asked her if I can fuck her? She hesitantly asked me is not it sin?

I told her that in our primitive age there was no bar to anybody to have sex with anybody. It is all set out by yourself. So there is no such sin. First I cupped her big melon with my hand and started massaging slowly from outside of blouse. After then I opened her blouse and took both boobs in two hands. I played with her boob a little time and started sucking her left boobs. I sucked both of her boobs .I pulled down her saree. Her thighs were so white I really surprised. I put my finger in her pussy and played some time.

She started moaning very loudly and asked me to ride on her. I took out my large sized cock and inserted in her wet pussy. She started moaning more loudly. I took almost 20 minutes to complete my job. When I was about to coming her eldest daughter came in and switched the light on. We both were naked . I was pumping her faster and faster the light shocked we both. But her daughter was smiling looking at us .We tried to find bed sheet to cover our body she said very good maternal uncle. You have done excellent job. Our mum needed good sex.

But being a good lady she could go out to find a man to have sex. Nobody will know this relationship ever. She said Come here and fuck her regularly. I got surprise to listen her saying this. She again put off the light and went to her room. We both said thank god and started another round. I finished quickly this time and just resting on bet. The door opened and she came in and did light on. We both were surprised because she was naked. She directly came to me and said please you satisfied to your sister and now you have to satisfy me as well.

I saw to my sister`s eye. She did not say anything. She did collect her saree and other things and get out of room. Her daughter started playing with my body. She sucked my cock long time and make it hard. Once my cock got hard she inserted it into her young small pussy. She fucked me from up for about 20 minutes. I came with loud voice. She suddenly get off from my body and took my cock and started sucking again. I could not resist her sucking and moaned very loudly.

I was so tired and could not go to another room to sleep. My sister slept in her daughter`s room and I and niece slept together. Next morning sister came into her room with bed tea for we three. She asked if I could satisfied her because she was 27 year old woman. I said nothing but niece told her that maternal uncle has big power and she can satisfy my sister as well if she likes to join. Now I have no problem having sex with both of them in one another`s presence.

When I go there my sister wants that i fuck her first. Niece always take second position. According to her If she takes second position she get enough time to play with my body and suck my old cock. Whenever I go there I have to fuck both of them. But I prefer my sister to fuck. I like old woman ,if available 65 or 70 year old women, to fuck. Please send me comments and old lady young lady can contact me for experienced [email protected]

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