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Devika fucked by her Papa

“Beti, what we did was wrong. I was intoxicated and so were you and we could not control ourselves. Sorry, but we must stop it. A father cant make love to his daughter. ” Manohar tried to reason with his daughter Devika, a widow of 33 years. Deep in his heart, he did not want to stop it. The forbidden nature of the relationship excited him greatly. He stared at the big erect boobs of his daughter.

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Papa Ka Pyar – Part II

Dear friends, Thanks for the response of my last story :papa kaa pyar part 2nd. Now the third part is given here and hope you all ISS lover will like it and give me their views on my id [email protected]

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My Papa My LoverMy Papa My Lover

” Kuki, I will be visiting Banglore today at 8 pm. Darling, I am on my way to Sri Lanka and my plane is leaving for Sri Lanka two days after. I thought I would spend some NICE TIME with my darling daughter. I cant wait for time to pass. How is Raman? I hope he is taking care of my DARLING!” Papa was saying on the phone as I had just stepped out of the bathroom. I had a small towel round my waist, water dripping from my wet body. As I heard my Papa speak to HIS DARLING DAUGHTER, her pussy was throbbing. My hand went automatically to my pussy and touched it. With beating heart I said” Oh Papa, MY DARLING LOVER! I LOVE YOU! Raman is happily gone on his weekly tour. I am dying to see you darling. Oh its is already 5.30, Papa, I will cum to teh airport to get you! LOVE YOU, RAMESH!” I managed to say to my lover as my cunt leaked juices.

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