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Renu – TV Uncle

Hello! Dear readers, this is your sweet Renu again. It has been long time I met you all through this site. I have been concentrating on completing my B Com final exam and I was a bit busy. It doesn’t mean that there were no adventures of mine no not like that adventures were there but I could not find time to pen down them. Now I am here again with my latest episode to stir you all.

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Plugged and looking

A few weeks into cleaning the house with a plug in my pussy was starting to make me hornier than before. I guess the constant stretching of my orafice was rushing all the blood to my pussy. I started picturing strangers fucking me. One day, on my weekly monatonous trip to the grocery store I decided to put the plug in my

pussy. At the grocery store I caught myself several times openly displaying my pussy through my jeans; on one occasion I caught an older gentleman watching me. I couldn’t tell what he saw, but I could tell what he was thinking by the way he was holding his banana. I continued shopping, with the more looming question of who was thinking about fucking me. Everytime I walked down an aisle with a man I would pick up my breasts, like I was presenting myself to him. when The man saw me he would immediately look from the floor to my breasts, rest a second, and then look into my eyes. It was awkward at times, but I found myself enjoying it and getting much better at it the more it happened. I could only imagine what my faced looked like, parading myself while feeling total petrusion of my pussy and feeling my pussy pulsating around it when the man’s eyes would rest of my breasts. I would imagine my breasts bare and their hardening cock pertruding from their pants. I felt that

one of the men knew this. He held my gaze longer than the rest, with an intense sexuality that almost overwhelmed me. I felt my lips part as I realized his intention, I began to speak but he put a finger over my lips. He stook his head and told me he would meet me in the bathroom. He withdrew his finger and walked towards the back of the store.I didn’t know whether that was a statement or a command. My head told me to finish my shopping, but my pussy told me their was a cock to satisfy. I started thinking of my options, I really wanted to taste his cock and feel my pussy wrap around it. I thought of myself of my knees in the bathroom of the grocery store,

bobbing up and down on his cock. I left my cart and headed for the bathroom. I felt the plug shifting as my pussy got wetter and looser. I opened the bathroom door to a one-man bathroom, with a toilet and sink. He was waiting against the wall beside the toilet. I walked in and locked the door behind me. As I was turned around he

quickly put his hands on my back and then felt their way down my ass. I could tell he was much more experienced than my husband. He wrapped his other hand around my waist and pulled me against him. I could feel his hard cock against the cheek of my ass, probbing. He lowered his hand and placed a firm hand over my crotch. It was like he was grabbing my entire pussy in his hand. I could tell if he knew that my pussy was stuffed. I felt myself grind into his hand and cock and felt his other hand dart up my shirt. He quickly pulled my bra down and had his hand all over my breasts. I turned around and felt his grip on my pussy loosen. I lowered to my knees and he put his hand on my head and pulled me towards his cock. I could felt it against my cheek through his pants. He pushed me against it and rub my face around until I felt his balls rest against my chin and his cock pushing up against my nose. He unzipped his pants and then popped his cock out and slapped me with it. He still hasn’t said a word to me since I’ve come into the bathroom. He forces his cock into my mouth, and before I know it I am taking it deeply into my mouth. I begin gagging, and it only encourages him. He pushes me to my knees and puts my hands on the toilet seat. He spreads my legs and pulls up my skirt. He runs his hand over my pussy and spreads my lips. He places the head on my pussy and pushes it into me. He starts fucking me hard and I start moaning. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door and he answers, just a minute. I hear him zip up his pants and exit the bathroom, he tells the man to wait a moment. I pull down my skirt and gather myself together and head out of the bathroom. The man standing there was the same elderly man from the produce section, he looks at my lips and tells me I have something on them. I blush and wipe at my lips, it was his cum.
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Inside My Dirty Mind

In my mind you are sexy and hot; Your neck so long and white, Your shoulders, your chest, Your nipples, big and erect, Waiting for my kiss, inside my dirty mind. Your waist, your hips, your ass, Your body curves are such a sight, Your legs so long and slender, In my bed you wait as I write: Inside my dirty mind. You touch yourself, You breathe a sigh, Of passion and delight; You want me now, but I am not yet done Inside my dirty…
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Frenemies (The Conclusion)

I was speechless. Didn’t know the exact reason why. Probably because my best friend just kissed me or because I didn’t stop her or because I think I liked it. All I was certain about was my underwear were definitely wet but not 100% due to the rain. “Why did… uh… you do that?” I struggled to speech. “Because you need to relax. You’ve had a bad day. Let me make you feel better, because that’s what friends do,” Crystal said. Before I could protest, she slid her hand over…
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Frenemies (Part 3)

Crystal was right. The picture was a fake and he was lying about being with her now. So here I am quivering in my panties and bra with a massive headache, feeling like a damn fool because I accused my best friend of having sex with my boyfriend. I’m so pathetic. And realizing this only contributed to the waterworks that were erupting from eyes like lava from a volcano. “Calm down. Stop crying. It’s going to be okay. I told you he was a liar,” Crystal said. “I’m so… so…
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Frenemies (Part 1)

Tears fell down my face as I practically ran up the sidewalk. With my tightly balled fist, I hammered on her front door as loud and as hard as I could. The door swung open to Crystal’s frowning face. “Hey girl,” she smiled once she realized it was me but once she noticed the distraught look on my face, her smile disappeared. “What’s wrong, Bianca?” On the drive over, words were racing through my mind. Now that I was face-to-face with the enemy, I was speechless. I was so furious…
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True Love

True Love To find true love was only a dream, A fairytale of mine as though it seemed. When I gave up hope that it might ever exist, The prince I had yearned for appeared in the midst. My heart skipped a beat for the very first time, To possess such a feeling could only be a crime. But…
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Never Say Goodbye

Never Say Goodbye From the day we met the world stood still, The sound of your voice gave me a soft chill. Your heartfelt words bring tears to my eyes, To feel a love so strong caught me by surprise.     You brought warmth to my heart when it was so cold, The genuine emotions you share so brazen and bold.     My heart was stolen in the blink of an eye,…
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casting shadows

It’s not her I want… it never was   The idea of her was so much greater than the reality Aww but a what a beauty Striking in every way and so perfect in every fashion Who could have resisted that smile? not me Who could have forsaken her love? not me You were the shadow following behind her That I saw only as she walked away And you with her For too long did I dwell on her and to late I cherish you The times we could have…
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That Tone

“I love the way you make me feel needed,” It’s quite a statement from someone who doesn’t appear to have an emotional bone in his body and I wonder whether it might be as practiced as your technique. As practiced as the condescending tone you add for effect, when you’re doing filthy things to me. Still I take it and analyse it. “Did he just call me needy in a round the houses kind of way?” my inner voice asks and then I smile to myself. Where is the bloody on/off…
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