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He said he’d take care of me part V

     He ran his tongue up and down my slit. He parted my lips with his hands and licked teasing circles around my clit without actually touching it. I pleaded for him not to tease me. “-What do you want baby?” “-Please don’t stop, please let me cum”. He let out an aroused growl and sucked my clit between his lips squeezing gently. I moaned in pleasure as he rolled his tongue over my clit sideways in a rhythmic motion. He alternated between fast and slow, gentle and fierce, pressing harder and flicking lightly. I leaned my buttocks on the sink and focused all my thoughts on what his mouth was doing. He hummed while pressing his face against me and the vibrations of his voice lifted me so close to an orgasm I stood rigid, holding my breath waiting for the final surge to send me over the edge. He said quickly keeping pressure on my clit with his finger “I should put another pill in you. Want me to do it now?” I moaned something resembling “Yea”. I was too aroused to think much. He fumbled the pill from a little cup on the sink and put his finger on my pussy and his lips back on my clit. I felt his finger start sliding in, hurting. His touch had made me wet again. His tongue started to move again and he hummed against my mound and the pain radiated from his inwards pushing finger and I shouted out a howl of fulfilment as I came, flooding his hand with my juice. As I enjoyed my climax I felt a finger on my anus and Sasha carefully pushed another painkiller in there too. It hurt so bad but it had been the pain that made me cum, the pain he gave me. I shuddered and he stood up just in time to support me as I sagged against his chest exhausted. Slowly he pulled his finger out of me. Read more »