sucked it while he was asleep

my name is dennis.

i am 15.

recently i read "abused by neighbor" on this site, and i got curious about how it would feel to wear girls underwear. i found a pair of plane blue panties that were my sisters and tried them on. i loved the way they felt riding up my crack, rubbing aginst my hole, i soon got hard and jerked off. ive played with butt plugs, anal beads, and sucked on a dilldo, i dont want to come out of the closet, but i wanted to find a muscular man to treat me like his little hore.

any ways to the story…

my parents let me drink from time to time, and last nite i got pretty drunk. i went into my room and grabbed the blue panties i stole from my sister from under my bed. i put them on and a pair of skin tight pants. i went into the bathroom and squeezed my ass pretending a big strong man was doing it for me. i soon got horny and grabbed a 6in dilldo i stole from spencers, i sucked on it for a little while i jacked off and soon wanted the real thang……i went into the living room… was around 2 am and my step dad had fallen asleep in his underwear and ontop of seeing him passed out drunk i was increadably horny from the panties riding up my crack. i gently started rubbing his dick through his tight breifs. his dick started to slowly grow. i started trying to pull his dick out…… i had to be a little roughf because his boxers were rilly snug i finaly got thelm off. i licked my fingers and runned on his head, he started to grow a little more…. every time i made contact with his dick his snoring pattern went fluttery kinda… i finaly got the courage to suck on it, i gently started sucking on the head of his dick. his dick finaly got completly hard and i tried to deep throat him )i was rubbing my ass hole while i was doing this by the way) when i heard him stop snoring all of a suden. I FELT HIS HAND ON THE BACK OF MY HEAD! he started moaning and pushed my head down on his cock, i choaked on his 8 inch dick, he finaly let my head go. he told me that he had been awake the whole time, and that he appreciated what i was doing. and asked me to continue. i was so excited when i heard that! i started sucking and bobbing my head furiously, going as deep as i could as fast as i could. after about 5 minuits he said loudly "IM CUMMING" and he grabbed the back of my head and forced his dick all the way down my throat, i struggled to push my head off his dick, i thaut i was gonna die choaking on his dick, he cummed down my throat causing me to caughf. and he finaly let me up…..

he saw i was wearing panties because i wasn’t wearing a shirt and i had the sides of the waste high on my hips so i could feel the material aginst my hole….. i was hard. he asked me if i wanted his dick in my ass hole. i told him i had never had anny thang that long or thick in my ass…….. i hadn’t ever had anny thang up there but anal beads and a tiny but plug. he said he would strech me open. and it would hurt at first but when we do it again it wont hardly hurt at all. he fondeld with my ass in the skin tight jeans and got me undressed. he went into mommys room and got some ky, he poked the tip of the bottel just bairly past my rim and sqwirted quite a bit. then he lubed up his dick and bent me over. he squeezed my hips extreamly hard and rammed his whole dick in. i think i bled a little. he smacked my ass and rammed my ass hard and fast, i was screaming out of the burning pain, but i think the ky helped. he covered my mouth forcefully with his hand, i could bairly breath. he suddenly stoped and wispered in my ear he was about to cum. he started back and started ramming my ass harder then ever with more thrust and in shorter strokes, the pain finaly started to go away and i quit trying to scream….. he let go of my mouth and grabbed my hair, which rilly turned me on when he came in me i felt is warm cum leaking out of my ass, and it felt great

(the part about the bj while he was asleep was true, but he didnt wake up)…..i rilly am 15 track me down on myspace… url is _acdcdennis) plz help me make my fantisy about a dick in my ass a reality……tell me what you think of my story

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