Stepmom and Stepson! Flirt, Tease, Seduce, Fuck

My dad remarried when I was about 16 years old (I’m 21 now). He married Beth, a sweet, athletic, friendly woman who is about 10 years younger than my dad (Beth is 41 now). I love Beth’s smile, she has perfect teeth and beautiful lips, and the dimples on her cheeks really set it off. Beth and I became friends over the years, we would joke around and flirt a little bit when my dad wasn’t around. On occasion she would tease me too. When I was in high school I would do a lot of school work at the computer desk. Often times, when I was at the desk, my step-mom would come over then lean over the desk looking at the computer screen with her blouse unbuttoned, showing off her lace bra. I stared at her lovely bra as my pants would start to bulge. I wouldn’t even pretend I wasn’t staring (it didn’t bother me if she knew that I liked the sight of her breasts), she would ask me a question and I would answer with my eyes fixed on those gorgeous mountains on her chest. Every time, before she left the computer desk, she would take a look at my pants to she if she got me hard… and she always did. If my dad was home she would always button up her blouse as she was leaving the room, if he wasn’t home she’d just leave the blouse unbuttoned for me.

Through my high school years I would go into Beth’s pantie drawer and imagine that delectable vagina wrapped in the panties of my choosing. I would masturbate as I sniffed, rubbed and licked my step-mom’s silky undies. And many days she would show me what panties she was wearing, without being too obvious about it. She would leave the door open as got ready in the morning, traipsing around in her bra and panties. I would pass by her door at least 10 times every morning, just to catch a glimpse of my step mom and her tight body. She would always say “bye sweety,” before leaving for work and I would always have to rub one out before leaving for school.

Through out high school, I fantasized daily about boning my step-mom and would temporarily cure my hornyness by masturbating. After I turned 18 things got more intense. Beth would walk down stairs with only a towel on (when my dad wasn’t home) and have the towel pulled up so that her butt was almost showing and then, to top it of, she would bend over!!! Poking her camel toe out as if my step-mom was calling me to stick my dick in her. The first time I saw that sweet bush, I was hard in an instant and my dick was practically dripping with cum, begging for some action. So I did what I always would do, I ran to the bathroom and jerked off. We became more and more close, literally. When she was in the kitchen I’d go out of my way to get a drink of water, passing by her and rubbing against her. I often would not where underwear just so that she could better feel my dick as it brushed her rear. One time she was in the kitchen, wrapped in a towel when I was ‘brushing’ by, then she all of the sudden Beth turned around facing me and reached her arm behind me grabbing something off the table. When she did this, I felt her breasts press up against me and I got hard. She continued fidgeting behind me as I took in the feeling of her hard nipples. I soon became so hard that the bulge in my sweatpants was sticking straight out and it was planted right between her thighs. It was so close to her vagina that I could feel the warmth of my step-mom’s pussy through the cotton of my pants. She then stood straight up and gave me a tight hug, further pressing my cock against the her pussy. She glanced at the hard on exploding through my pants, gave a slight smile then continued back up to her bedroom.

I ran up to my bedroom, laid on the bed and started to stroke my cock. In my haste, I neglected to shut the door all the way (it was cracked open a few inches). As I jerked my cock, I saw a shadow of my step-mom as she left her bedroom. Then I noticed, out the corner of my eye, that she wasn’t going down stairs. Beth was watching me jerk off! The thought of her watching turned me on even more. I acted like I didn’t notice her and continued until I cummed all over my hand. I let out a deep sigh and continued on with my day.

About a week went by then my dad had to leave town for business. I was excited because I knew, if I was ever going to fuck my step-mom, this would be the time. My dad left after dinner. As Beth and I were cleaning up she said, “You should really shut your door.” She was smiling and I was acting confused. This caught me by surprise but, of course, I knew what she was talking about.

“What do you mean?” I replied.

“You left your door open when you were masturbating.”

I was speechless for a moment. I thought, what do you say to that,… so I said the first thing that came to mind, “Did you like it…?”

“I saw you cum all over your hand,” she replied with a grin. “It was quite a turn on.”

She pressed herself closer to me and I tilted my head and went in for a kiss. We started making out and I was groping her all over, breast, ass, thighs. I can’t believe it, I thought, after all this time, finally! Beth rubbed my hard dick through my jeans as we continued to make out. She pushed me back for a moment, then extended her hand. “Come on,” she said. We left the kitchen and headed up stairs to my bedroom where she sat down and started to take off my belt. My step-mom pulled my pants down and my hard dick sprung out. She rubbed it and fondled my balls whiled she looked up at me with a sexy smile.

Beth stood back up and made out with me some more as we both fell onto the bed. I unbuttoned her pants and stuck my hand down them. I brushed my hand over her already wet panties as I massaged her inner thighs and vagina. I then pulled her shirt over her head revealing those beautiful breasts that were just begging to jump out of her bra. She undid her bra as I pulled her pants off. I rubbed her nipples and licked her chest all over before heading down south. I crawled to the end of the bed and put my face right in front of her pussy then I started licking her through the silky pink undies that she was wearing. She let out a sigh as I took in the taste of her juices. I told her how great she tasted and she said, “I wanna taste you.” I laid on my back as she took her panties off and sat on my face. I dove into her with my tongue as she sucked my pole. I was 69ing with my step-mom. The thought, the feeling, the taste of her pussy was way to much and I exploded the biggest load of my life right into her mouth. Her lips never left my dick as she sucked me dry and my legs shivered with pleasure. I took a moment from eating her out to ask if she had swallowed, “oh yeah… yummy” she replied. Beth then sat up on my face and started grinding her pussy into my mouth. I was loving it so much that a minute later, I was rock hard again. She let out an “OH, OH, OHHHH YEAHHHHH!!!” as she soaked my tongue with her juices. She got off my face and laid on the bed beside me as I felt up her breasts. “That was great,” she said. Then she took my hard cock in her hand and asked, “Again?.”

Beth positioned herself on the bed so she could suck my dick while I played with her pussy. “I love the way you taste. (*suck *suck) I want this cock inside me.” She took a few more licks and then lifted her leg over me, straddling me. She laid on me for a moment, pushing her breast firmly against my chest as we kissed. She rubbed her pussy on my shaft, letting me feel her warm, wet twat. She leaned up, gave my dick a few hard strokes and then stuck it in her. She uttered a “fuck yeah” as she grinded slowly on top of me. She looked at me with a smile “you like that?” I answered with a nod as my eyes were fixed on my dick going in and out of my step-mom. She grabbed my hands and place them on her breast. I squeezed the soft mounds of her chest and sat up so that I could suck them too.

With my mouth attached to her breast, I hugged my step-mom tightly and rolled us over. I flung her on her back and she grabbed my ass and pulled me deep into her. “Fuck me hard,” she demand. I paused for a second then I started thrusting my cock into her and quickly picked up the pace. With every thrust I could feel my step mom getting wetter and wetter. I was pounding her pussy good, I took notice of how her breasts jiggled perfectly with every heavy thrust I plowed in her. “That’s it fuck me good, fuck me good,” she moaned. “Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck Me, FUCK MEEEEEE, OHHHHHH, FUUUUUCK YEAAHHH!!!” I felt her juices unleashed all over my cock as her legs twitched.

“Oh, yeah. You’re good,” she uttered as I slowed the pace of my thrusts.

“You’re pussy feels great,” I said as I was nearing climax, “where should I cum?”

“Anywhere you want” she approved with a sexy smile.

I smiled, wrapped my arms around her and quickened my thrust inside of her soaked pussy. Beth started thrusting back, “fuck me. fuck me. fuck me…” she continued. I let out a heavy sigh and an “ahhhh” as I blew my load deep inside my step-mom’s pussy. I kept my dick inside of her for a moment after orgasm so to enjoy the moistness of her warm hole. “Did you cum inside me?” she said with a grin.

“Yeah, you feel so damn good… I cummed inside of my step-mom.” I said with a smile.

She returned the smile and said, “My step-son cummed inside of me.”

Beth stuck her fingers inside her pussy then pulled them out, soaked with a mixture of her juices and my own. “We are really good at this,” she said as she put her fingers to her lips and sucked off the warm cum. “We should do this again,” she said while massaging my dick.

“When? Now?” I replied

“Haha, do you have any left?” she said with a laugh. “Only one way to find out. Let’s find out, let me see that…”

She grabbed my cock and we fondled each other and ended up having sex one more time. Beth then decided to go out and get some beers and we drank and we had sex into the morning hours. 🙂 We were both exhausted the next day, but the following day, we fucked again and again.

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