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Hello ISS readers .Thank You Very much for choosing my story to read. My name is Tanay. I am 19 years old and I am from Pune. This story is about me n my sister Maithili which happened about a month back. If any woman ,girl wants any special services from me u may (eeee)mail me on ” [email protected]”Thank You n live Happy n curious..

Let’s start with the story now. I am a boy whose family is quite reserved n so there are many restrictions on me. I generally don’t talk with girls much, but am very open with my friends. When we see a beautiful girl we rate her.{Shouting loudly so that she can at least guess what we are up to..}.Having restrictions in a family makes the kid very free outside or when not with his family. Some girls behave shy in front of our shouting while some enjoy the attention they get. So we have a big gang n we do quite something’s , but only outside our house.

I have two cousin sister’s .Their names are Maithili who is elder n 25yrs old and the other one is Neha 18yrs old. Both are beautiful n very friendly with me. Let’s get to the point. I didn’t eye my sister till the day my cousin brother told me to see her in the Black Sari she was wearing. She doesn’t have big boobs ,not even an exact figure of 36-24-36,But I just like her the way she is. So she was looking beautiful n very gorgeous in that sari. I had never thought about her in that way but my cock suddenly twitched n I immediately came to know what my body wants (Even u would know by now).

So both us me n my brother just looked at each other for a moment n then looked at her. She was coming toward us. My mouth just remained open because of her looks while my brother was standing normally. He has a lot of gf’s n is very casual with girls. She first went to my brother for his comments n he said in a very flirty tone,” Awesome, Gorgeous”. The look on her face was changed n she felt very happy to hear these words from my brother itself.

I was still standing there with my mouth open. Now she turned towards me n asked what do u think handsome..?? I was still in the river .i.e. flowing into her beauty. My cousin bro just went away because somebody called him (I got to know this later that he was not beside me.)I came out of my dream when she just closed my mouth .I didn’t say I was sorry…Instead just said that she looked Stunning, Mind-Blowing n yes the last word i said was Sexy. I don’t believe how i said that word to my sister. But the happiness on her face was much more now.

So I was very happy to make her happy. Now she just gave me a peck on my cheeks [ ya just cheeks :-( ] n said Thank You very much. Then she started leaving, but I wanted some more so from where the hell i got the courage n I said to her, Maithili will you be my Date for this wonderful evening?” [We were at a party that evening] She was stunned for a moment. Then turned back n with a very sweet smile said “Yes”. I was on cloud 9 as she had accepted my request.

Now we had a very nice evening together n I didn’t do anything that would hurt her feelings.[i.e. some that would create a sexual tension].We went home at about 10 pm .I have a 3BRHK flat. So there is plenty of room for any guest n usually we arrange for them in the guest bedroom itself. Now I wanted my sister to be with me as I could talk with her, the usual chat n her whereabouts etc etc…So I insisted her to sleep in my room instead of the guest bedroom. My mom n dad also didn’t oppose for my thought.

After a little compulsion she agreed. So after some time after she had changed I helped her bring her luggage to my room. She was wearing a Salwaar-Kameej. It’s was a normal one n not a see-through .So after she came n we arranged the belongings we sat on the bed for chatting. But both of us were a bit tired n so decided to sleep n have a chat the next day. Now i have a bed which is not too big but not to small. It can fit to adults easily [not a king size].

So we just slept then n there. We even didn’t take a blanket before sleeping. Now the A/C in my room started to show its effect .I firstly took out two blankets but my mind thought about a plan to seduce her that night n so I kept them back n instead took a bigger blanket form the shelf in which we both could fit n just flew it over my sister. She immediately got adjusted n took it over her whole body. I also got on the bed n crept into the blanket. It was a little small one so i wasn’t completely getting covered in it. So I moved closer to my sister. This was so awesome to feel.

Now an hour had passed n I my sleep just got disturbed n I half woke up. My sister was sleeping straight which had again caused the blanket to stretch n I was exposed to the cold. So I just grabbed the blanket n pulled it towards me. Because of this my sister also woke up n saw our condition. I just pretended to be asleep. She understood my condition n so she also was slept side-ways n facing me. Now I have a habit of putting my legs hands on the person who sleeps beside me. My sis knew this. Now I made use of this habit of mine n put my hand on her stomach .

I kept it for some minutes n I heard her breathing. It was calm n deep. So after waiting for some more minutes I started to move my hand further to her breasts. Slowly n steadily I was moving it. I had a lot of fear in my head n my heart. But I just don’t know from where I was getting the courage to do all these things. I was afraid that she might get up scold me n go tell my mom n dad what I was doing. Next part will tell you what all happened that night over there..Please reply me on my email or comment here how did you find the story..Waiting for your replies. Thank You For reading..

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