Sex under the rain. (FS)

Me and my wife Lucy got invited to a BBQ outside the city by a friend
of mine. Me and her got married two years ago and we’ve had a healthy sex
life since then. She has a slim body with long brown hair, a nice ass that
stand out and a beautiful face with green eyes.

The BBQ was situated in what I can call a semi forest, trees everywhere mixed
with roads and very few houses. We met some common friends when we arrived and
had a few drinks in front of the lake, later on, we decided to go take a bath
in it. We knew about the lake so Lucy brought a bikini for the occasion. We had
some fun in the water however a few minutes later the weather changed and it
started to rain. While the other people started to rush in the direction of the
house, me and lucy took our time, while walking back to the house, I asked her
if she would like to go take a look in the forest, with a grin on her face
she said “yes, as long we don’t get lost”. We walked only for about 2 minutes
in the forest then we looked at each other and started to kiss with passion,
we got naked  under the rain. I lifted her off the ground and started to penetrate
her standing up, Lucy had both of her legs enlaced around my back, I was
holding her ass with both hands and lifting her up and down on my cock.
Her moan was mixed with the noise of the falling rain. I put her back on
the ground, she then put both of her hands on a tree and lifted her ass up,
I took her in that position, I was kissing her neck while fucking her from
behind, when I got close to cum she got on her knee and sucked my cock until
the last drop.

When we got back in the house, they asked what took us so long, we told them
that we got lost.

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