Plumber Fucked MePlumber Fucked Me

Hi to all Iss readers. I would like to share my sex experience with you. First I will tell about myself. I’m 41 yrs housewife. My stats is 36-30-38, with fair complexion. My husband works in abroad. OK now let me tell you one of my real incident happened to me Once my bathroom shower lid started to leak. Then I called plumber to fix it. After sometime a plumber guy came to my flat. He introduced himself as Venu. He was too dark and average built guy then he asked me to show the shower and I directed him towards my bathroom. He started his work.

I watched him for some time and went to kitchen to make some tea for that fellow. Then i poured tea to a glass and went him to call. as i entered bathroom I saw him wet and asked the reason. He told that “mam at the time of fixing, the lid slipped and water rushed from shower”.
Me “sorry Venu I was busy in making tea”.
Venu “its ok mam do you have lungi in your house”.
Me “no venu”
Venu “ok mam now i have to wait here only till it dries”.

By saying this he removed his both shirt and pant and stood in his old underwear in front of me without hesitation. Suddenly my eyes went on his underwear it looked very dirty and loose. I saw his pubic hairs coming out of that loose underwear. He caught my views on his underwear Suddenly his Cock began to grow. I turned my face away from his and went to kitchen. he was tempted by my looks and followed me. I turned and said him to stay at bathroom. But he went to main door and closed them.

Me “venu why did you closed the door?”

Venu “mam you are too hot,, I’m not able to control & i wanna fuck you right now”
Me “are you mad?
Venu “yes I’m mad on your beauty and i saw you looking at my cock” by
saying this he removed his underwear, his long black cock jumped out.
I got terrified by its size. He came near me and started to massage his cock.
Venu “hey bitch what is your name”
Me “Karuna”
Venu ” nice name,look Karuna don’t make me to rape you.. You can’t get cock like mine in your lifetime to fill your hungry cunt. Just look at its size and hardness” by saying this he took my hand and placed on his long cock. I felt so hot and pushed his cock’s foreskin back. Some type of dirty smell came out from his cock but it tempted me. Then I started to stroke his cock. By the time Venu ordered me to blow his cock.

Me “no venu it is so dirty i can’t suck your cock”
Venu “ok darling now just open your mouth or else see what i will do”.
I got scared and opened my mouth, he pushed his dirty black cock inside my mouth and held my head with his hands and started to fuck my mouth without mercy.

Venu “aaaaaa take my cock you prostitute eat my dirty cock you bitch this is right for you Karuna. when u can’t take my cock then You need to be fucked in mouth”.
It was horrible movement for me to breath I kept looking his face and scratching his ass. Then he removed his cock from my mouth.

I caught his cock and sucked and swallowed some of his cum. My sex hunger aroused and I lip locked Venu. I took his tongue inside my mouth and played with it. By the time he was squeezing my ass hardly. We kissed for about 5 mins and both went to bedroom. I stood in doggy and lifted my nightie and showed my fair ass to Venu. He madly kissed my ass and bite them. He sniffed my asshole. I was enjoying by lifting my ass up in air. Then i removed my nightie and laid on bed. Venu parted my legs and licked my pussy.

Venu” karuna your whole body is looks like that it was made of butter and milk, you are my queen, my black is so lucky to fuck a fair and beautiful women like you”He appreciated my beauty and sucked my pussy then Venu caught my boobs and started to bite. it was so heavy for him to take my boob he struggled a lot to take them in. Me-mmmmmh venu aaaaaaaah suck me darling.. Do whatever you want I’m your whore Venu sucked, kissed, fingered and played with my pussy and then he placed his cock on my pussy entrance and gave a hard stroke.

I screamed and held his back tightly. Venu continued his hard strokes. His big cock is piercing my hungry wet cunt. the bedroom was filled with our moans. he fucked me continuously by calling me in foul words. i kept enjoying both his words and his strokes. I was sweated a lot. After ten minutes of hard fucking he released his hot cum inside my pussy. Then he licked my pussy again and i made him ready for next rounds by sucking his black cock. We fucked in different angles till my kids return from their school. you can mail me at [email protected] if any girl or guy want to chat with pls mail me.

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