My Seexy And Hot Mami

Hi! All reader I am male from Gujarat and I am writing my true story first time. Let me tell u that my English is so low so u finds lot of mistake in my writing but I assure u that u like my true experience. Let’s come to story I am 20 yr old living in small town in Gujarat in my family my father mother me and my sister r there. We are living in city area. Where we have lot of neighbours but one is special for me.

I like alder ladies then girls and the big assets always attract me. One of our neighbors named Chaya. She is 44 yr old she is my fantasy and I always have a crush to fuck her and I can do anything to fuck her big ass. Let me tell u her features she had 40D size Breasts, long black hair, big eyes thin west and 38 ass. In short her figure is 40 32 38 u can imagine how sexy she is.

One day one marriage function is there in our street all r gone to marriage function which is at Ahmadabad and only few people available. I had not gone b’coz my exams r near all my family members and Chays’s family members gone she also not gone for some reason in the evening she come to my home and invite me to take evening tea at her home I happily go with her I set there for some time she is in kitchen after some time she bring water for me and put it on

The table in front of me at that time her sari pallu slips from her shoulder and I seen her cleavage and big breasts clearly she immediately pick her pallu and vent in to kitchen after some time she come with cup of tea and put it on the table again her pallu fall and this time I see her cleavage more then first time b’coz her blouse first 2 buttons r open. So, immediately I understand her desire and make my mind to fuck her today only.

She sat beside me and we chat for some time about various things suddenly she ask me do u have any girl friend I said no she giggled that means u r untouched till today and went to kitchen.

I finish my tea and wash my hands she bring towel for me and I dried my hand and return back the towel but at the time I think to try my luck and hold her hand she first try to leave her hand but I hold it tightly she said pls leave let me go but she is not willingly try to loose her hand I bring her close to me and circle my hand to her body.

She: Pls let me go.
I: Let me kiss your juicy lips for once.
She: This is not right. We can’t do this. I hold her face in my hand. She close her eyes and I put my lips on her pink juicy lips and start to kiss her first she is not giving any response but after some time she herself open her mouth and let me suck her tongue I suck her mouth for around 10 min.

Then I put my hands on her shoulders and crush her shoulders for some time and then my hands sleep down to her big breasts. First I press her one breast then other one they r so big I can not hold her one breast in my one hand I play with her breasts for some time from on her blouse, then I take of her sari from her shoulder and start to kiss her chest area and her cleavage area the I untied her sari from her west and through it on the floor and again start kissing her and crashing her breasts.

After some time I unbuttoned her blouse and took of it from her shoulders and start crushing her breasts from her bra and press it very hard so she said pls be gentle it pains then I put my hand on her bally button and circle to for some time and then open the note of her petticoat and now she is in only bra and panty she looks so amazing in her red bra and panty I took of her bra and her big breasts are free in the air and jumping here and there so I hold it in my hand and crush it for some time I take her one nipple in my mouth and start sucking it she got exited and press my head on her breast and I suck her both breast one by one then I took her to bad and set her on the bad and I took of my cloths and ask her to hold my cock in her hand she took my cock in her hand and start doing to and fro with some pressure

I can’t control my self her hands doing magic on my cock and I ask her to suck my cock she refuses to do so. I hold her hair in my one hand and with other hand I hold my cock and put it on her lips and rub it for some time.
She: no pls your cock is too big I can’t take it.

I: try once u can do it. After some time she agrees to suck my cock.

She take my cock and start to suck it and after some time she herself enjoy it she said I never do this before you are the first man who’s cock I suck. Then I stand her and took of her underwear and now she is stark naked. If you want to know more pls send me your reviews on my mail id: [email protected] Any Aunties, girls want to do sex or phone sex with me, pls contact me on this mail id I can give you my contact no.

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