Like Father Like Daughter

In my previous home address, my PC system was setup downstairs in the study but my daughter would be on it more than myself sometimes, for homework or MSNing all her school friends, so any ‘lurking’ material that I had, needed to be well hidden as she was not daft around a PC system, or deleted completely,which was bloody annoying.

This went on for about a year, until I convinced my wife to allow her to have a system in her room. Great news, my system was now my own and I could lurk to my hearts delight. No problems for many months.

Now, my daughter is into the gothic scene, with long chestnut hair, blue eyes, slim figure. Lip ring, heavy black eye liner, always having that ‘god i’m bored’ look.

She had had one or two boyfriends, but nothing had ever happened. We have an open, frank outlook on sex, (which is unusual for Brits, I know), so both me and my wife had had numerous discussions with my daughter, (Samantha), including telling her about our first sexual experiences and some of our less memorable ones. In fact, when she was about 9, she caught us in mid throes of me banging away at the wife over the kitchen table one night, she must have been watching us for about ten minutes before we noticed. So she is not totally niave where sex is concerned.

I had fantasised on many occasion on many possible ways of how to ‘test the water’ and see if she was willing to let me show her the wonderful world of incest. But always ran scared when the chance would arise. The closest I had come was when she had fallen asleep in the lounge, in her pale blue pyjamas, which were just like a vest and shorts. She still had her panties on. My wife had gone to bed and I was going to bed myself, but didnt want to leave her there to get cold. I thought of waking her and telling her to go to bed, but decided to carry her to her room. I cradled her head in my left shoulder, let my left arm take her body weight and my right arm her legs. Upon reaching the top of the stairs, her bedroom door was shut, so I had to maneuvre her around so I could turn the handle. Once completed, my right hand was now cradling her nice firm peach shaped ass and although my mind was telling me not to try anything, my little finger gently rubbed against the flesh between her inside top of the thigh and the pink cotton panties.

Even though I hadn’t really done anything, I was feeling both electric and guilt ridden, I quickly moved my hand, back to it’s original position and placed her into bed and left the room before I could’nt take anymore and succumbed to my desires. I had to go and wank myself off just to get rid of the painful erection that I now had.

So, my desire was there but the courage wasnt, so I went back to lurking, which just happened to be the reason my life changed.

I had been ‘lurking’ one evening and downloaded several good F/D videos, which I prefer, and then went to bed. The next day, both myself and the wife would be at work, leaving the house at around 0730hrs. Samantha was off school today, so had the run of the house to herself. Now, even though she had her own system in her room, my system was more powerful downstairs and occasionally, I knew she would use it for more complex tasks, but usually when I was around, so nothing untoward was ever found by her, or so I thought.

That evening, when I first booked onto my system, I realised that something had been downloaded onto the desktop and it was not by me. It was some music download icon, which I knew she had on her system. (which I do check regularly, to see just what she is looking at, but she is cute and has several ‘wipe’ programs, which she never fails to utilise. ) Anyhow, I decided to check the temp internet file folder to see what time she went on and what she was looking at. Well, this blew my mind. I had forgotton to wipe my ‘temp files’ (Ironic eh!) so she could see where I had been the evening before, but not only that, she decided to view the F/D videos I had downloaded that evening!.

I was confused, scared, excited.

What did she think?

Would she tell the wife?

Am I in the shit?

But then I realised, she hadnt just quickly viewed one or two and switched them off. She had spent 4 hours viewing and reviewing the F/D videos.

What did this mean?

Was she just confused?

Disgusted with her dad?

But four hours, she must have shown some interest. Was she turned on by them? Did she explore herself whilst watching them?

I was now becoming very turned on. Then I heard her voice coming downstairs.

Oh, shit, how can I look her in the eyes? Is she about to go into the lounge and tell her mom? I quickly deleted the temp files and came off the net and began playing some RPG game that I had.

My heart was pounding, my head was spinning. I swore that this was the last time I would ever surf for porn again. That’s it, I’ve had my scare, I’ve learnt my lesson, only BBC sport from now on!

I waited about 40 minutes or so before deciding to show my face. There had been no ranting or raving, so I guessed all was ok. I went to the kitchen and made some tea (Brits eh!), then took it into the lounge. I tried to act nonchalant as I joined them, they were watching some crap on TV. I briefly scanned to where Samantha was sitting to see whether she was looking at me, maybe waiting for the right moment to speak. But she was relaxed, sat watching the telly. No reaction, no vibes. I was relieved.

But what did this mean, my mind was rushing around. I began to wander if it was someone else that had viewed the videos. But there was no-one else in the house. If it was my wife, then I would probably be stabbed by now. She knows I lurk, even enjoys some of the straight adult on adult stuff, but doesnt know about my incest views and desires. (I dare say some of you would say I should openly discuss it with my wife, but that could be a discussion for another day).

I left them to it and went to bed. I lay for ages wondering what was going on. Many scenarios crossed my mind. Eventually I decided. Samantha had another day off next week, so I could descreetly pop back and peek through the study window to see whether she was viewing it and whether she was enjoying it.

For the next 8 days I was like a dog on heat. My wife thought I was on Viagra we were shagging so much. But all the time, I was going over the same thought ‘If Samantha was enjoying watching the F/D videos, then maybe she is interested in the prospect of having F/D sex’ then I would have the basis to arrange a chat with her and maybe take it further. God even now, I tremble at the trepidation I was feeling at the time.

Then the day came, although the night before was the longest in history, as I couldnt sleep and the clock was in ‘The Matrix’ mode!

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