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I then cupped her hand in mine and slowly moved it down her body. Laying our hands flat against her waistband then moving it straight down. It slid directly down over her mound and she involuntarily parted her legs, raising her knees, but only a bit, as her jeans prevented her full movement.

I pushed her hand down, moulding it around her pussy.

She twitched as though she had been hit by static electricity.

I guided her hand in mine. Just rubbing her mound, through her panties, sliding it down between her legs, then, when pulling it back, pushing down with the heel of my hand, so it pushed into her clit also using my middle finger to rub her slit. She groaned.

The heat from her mound was intense, her pussy must have been glowing.

On the third or fourth stroke I removed my hand from hers, letting her now continue the stroking. She did. She was breathing much heavier now and in unison with her strokes, I could see her raising her pelvis, pushing her hand and pussy together.

‘Yes, rub that pussy, push that clit. You are so sexy Samantha’

Her intensity increased and she was now arching her back, really getting into it.

‘Make yourself cum Samantha, use both hands. Let your body release that tension. God, you are so horny’

She tried to speak, partial words came out in between short breaths ‘Oh Go..Da…Oh..’

I then gently rubbed my hand over her breast, just tweaking her erect left nipple. She bucked, her body jolted and froze for a milli-second. A low murmur was coming from her, but it was loud enough for me to get concerned of waking her mom, who slept in the room directly above. I used my foot to push the lounge door to.

‘You are so fucking horny Samantha, my cock is acheing now, god, you turn me on’

At this she began to increase the speed and hardness of masturbating her pussy and she began to pant quite loud.

I continued to use my left hand to pull her nipple, through her clothing and with my right hand I was caressing her arms and stomach. As I moved from her arm to her stomach, her right hand came up and quickly grabbed my hand and pushed it down to her pussy.

‘Dad, pleeease, you do it so good’ she begged.

She pushed my hand into her pussy and raised her pelvis up, she then briefly sat up and pushed her jeans down past her knees. She then raised her knees and parted her legs so I had unrestricted access to her pussy.

How could I refuse.

I immediately began to rub my right hand down the full length of her pussy and again, on the return stroke, I pushed my wrist and palm heel into her clit. Using my middle finger to push into her slit.

Her panties were soaking and now I could feel the soft touch of pubic hair when my hand moved up and down, as the panties now were being devoured by her pussy lips. Oh fuck, this was bliss.

But her moaning was now becoming very loud and I considered stopping, but as I looked down at her, she turned her face towards me, eyes still closed. I kissed her open mouthed and forced my tongue into her mouth. Her left hand came up instantly and grabbed the back of my head. She was almost eating me, she was still moaning and panting, but I was covering it by passionate kisses. Our tongues were hard and erect and were fighting each other so as to get into the others mouth.

My left hand continued to pull on her nipples, alternating between the two.

My right hand was now wanking her pussy intensely. My index finger had now pushed all the crotch of her panties into her pussy and was just starting to rub the entrance to her vagina. I could feel the juices on my fingers.

She was pushing the whole of her lower half up to meet my hand and finger movements and she was now grabbing my hair and sucking the life from me as we kissed. God, this girl will give a great blow job.

After about 30 seconds of this, her body began to buck uncontrollably. She stopped kissing me and just kept her mouth against mine.

She was now cumming. Her body was jolting and bucking involuntarily. I pulled slightly away from her mouth and looked at her. Her eyes were open wide but she was not seeing me, she was somewhere else. She was trying to speak, but nothing, not even air was coming out for about a second or two.

My hand on her pussy was struggling to keep up with her body movements, her pelvis was trying to throw me off like a bucking bronco ride. She then closed her eyes and again pulled me to her and began to kiss me again.

Her bucking was now beginning to subside and she was lessening the grip on my hair.

She then sank back onto the sofa, my hand still moulded around her pussy, but I stopped wanking her. She was spent, her hand fell from my head and she lay there, panting.

‘That was fucking incredible’ I whispered ‘You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen’

I removed my right hand from her pussy and put it into my mouth. Sucking like a thirst quenched man found lost in the desert. It was nectar. I sucked every last bit of juice on my fingers. The scent from her young pussy was intoxicating. I was so engrossed in my food of lust, that I didn’t realise she was watching me. She looked worried.

I stopped sucking and removed my hand from my mouth.

‘Have I hurt you dad?

‘No chick. I have always loved the taste of pussy juice and young pussy juice is the sweetest, yours is absolutely golden. I want to suck it dry’

She now relaxed and then put her own fingers into her mouth and began to lick and suck them, tasting her own juices.

‘You might not like it, but men do’

She removed her hand and said ‘It’s not yucky’

I then stood up and she could see straight away my painfully erect cock bursting from my suit trousers. I saw her looking at it.

‘What about your sexual tension dad. Are you going to masturbate now’

It was at this time I noticed the clock. It was now two thirty in the morning. We had been at this for hours. She had school in morning and I had work.

If I got my cock out now, we would never get to bed.

‘Sam, its half two. We both need to go to bed. OUR OWN BEDS!’ as I saw her eyes widen when I said both go to bed.

‘We dint want to wake your mom up. I know she will be happy that you now know how to wank yourself.’ I lied.

‘Please don’t tell mom of this’ she said

‘Why, your mom will be happy’ I lied again

‘I dint want her to know’

‘Ok, this will be our secret. If I dont tell mom, you mustn’t tell anyone, OK?


‘I do need to have a wank Sam, but not in front of you now. Believe me I want to, but we need to go to bed. I promise, I will wank my cock for you any other time. In fact, I will do absolutely anything you ask, but not right now, OK?


She then went to bed.

Once I knew she was in bed, I wanked my cock, but in about three strokes I was spent.

I sat for about an hour, with my fingers under my nose, re-living every second of what had just happened.

My mind raced ahead, trying to arrange the next time I could be alone with her.

Oh yes, wifey was out with her friends on Friday, going straight from work and wouldn’t be home till the early hours. Oh yes. My cock was now erect again, just two days to go.

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