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Dear readers, as we were on our return Journey, we had a Rest at a roadside Dhaba, where we decided to have some Tea & Biscuits. As we had done a Contract marrige for one year, as I was an NRI Settled in UK, and so her Parents wanted her to get settled in UK, as she could study further over there, as she was Only 19, so, by marrying an NRI Guy, she could easily settle there in Life,

and we could seperate after 1 year, as decided in Contract. so, myself, being a bachealor, agreed to do a one year Contract marrige with her. So, we were discussing various future plans sitting at Dhaba. During Our discussion, she shared me that she really wanted to have another visit to the Lake, where she bathed naked during our Journey (Ref. JYOTI AND JATIN’S HOT HONEYMOON – I)

and where she faced Sex Approaches from the Guard on duty & also had Sexy encounter with 06 men, aspiring to fuck her, there Only. I told her that as it will afternoon time, by the time we reach there & so, the most of the People would have left after taking bath over there, and she May be the Only one bathing Naked Over there, but she insisted to go there.

So, after taking Tea, we Proceeded for the Lake. So, by the time, we reached there, It was already 1:00 pm, so, as we Entered the Lake Area, we found only 3-4 Ladies taking bath there, but they were not fully naked, but had wrapped some thin clothes on their body, while taking bath. She felt a bit hesitant to take bath, all Naked over there, but then decided to go Ahead.

At the time there was no Guard around, so, I stood there in Ladies Quardron, as she started undressing. She was wearing No Bra, as on the way, we had fucked inside the Car on the Way back, so, she Choose not to wear the bra, again. she started unbuttoning her shirt in a Corner while facing the Wall, then removed it and placed it on floor,

she pulled the string of her skirt and Let it drop to her feet, she was wearing a Red Panty beneath it. She was looking like a Red Fairy, standing there Almost fully naked, having a Pinkish Body, wearing a Red Panty on her fantastic figure. Panty was hardly able to cover her huge buttocks, which were Otherwise firm in its Place.

The Red Panty was too Small to Cover her Vaginal Cut, while it only had a thin String on the back side, covering the Ass-line between the buttocks. She wrapped arms around her breasts to cover them while going ahead for bath in the Lake, as on Men’s side, there were some 8-10 Men, taking bath, who could easily see her beauty from a Distance,

as both ends of the Pond were Seperated by hardly 50-60 feet. Suddenly, the Guard entered from the Gate Side, as he had gone for Lunch. So, seeing me standing there in Ladies Area, he started shouting from a distance and told me to go other Side, As we both were having a single towel, so I took the Towel from the bag and started to move to the Men’s Side.

she had her back to his side, so, Guard didn’t saw her face, as Looking from behind, she Looked almost naked, as was wearing a String Panty, which had a string hanging between her Ass Cheeks, so, he got an Instant hard On. As there was rush over there, so, he quickly moved to the enterance. she moved under the flowing Spring and started Taking bath under it.

She raised her arms to her head and tied her hair over her Head. As a Result, her boobs bounced to the front, she rubbed under her tits, the water droplets standing on her tits were making them Shine. She had beautiful Soft hairs under her arm Pits. The water from spring was flowing from Shoulders, on to her breasts & the Tits,

and further flowing to the Naval and was further Passing in a Line through the Vaginal Crack, the water was dropping to the floor, after dripping down from the Vagina, Partly covered by Wet Panty. She had Closed her eyes while enjoying the bath, and didn’t realize when all other Ladies wore there clothes and went Off, as at 2:00 pm, it was Closure time for the Lake Area.

Men on our side, also dried them up & were wearing their Clothes, while Cracking Jokes about her Nudity. Then they went Off, as they had to Leave for some Place, I also wrapped the Towel under my waist & went Out of Gate to Quickly Puff a Cigratte Outside, as I saw her enjoying her bath. She was rubbing hands on All over her body.

Then, she realized that She was All Alone & there was Nobody Else Around, So, Took the Opportunity to Go Completely Nude. She Pulled the Side Strings of the Panty and Dropped the Panty to her Feet. She went Under the Spring, Opened the Vaginal Crack & started washing it from Inside.

Then, She Sat on the floor and Spread her Legs & started Poking fingers into her Vagina and started masturbating herself. As it was Closure Time, Guard Re-entered that area to check whether anybody was Left. From a Distance, he saw her masturbating herself, while her eyes were Closed because of enjoyment.

Seeing her face, he immediately recognised her as the Girl, who made his Day on her last visit to the Lake and he was desperately waiting for her to come again, one Day. Sensing the Opportunity, he saw no one around, he Closed the Door of the Lake entrance & Bolted it from Inside, Meanwhile she had stood up and had moved under the Spring to have another round of bath.

Guard dropped his Trousers at the Gate & also removed his Shirt & Vests, he was down to his V-Shape Frenchie. His 9″ Tool was Fully erect & was Clearly sticking to Line of the Frienchie. Despite being a 47 Year Old man, he was well Built, 6′ feet of height and was very strong Men. He started Moving Closer to the Spot she was bathing.

As she had a back towards him, she didn’t Saw him Approaching. He went Near to her & wrapped his strong Arms around her Waist and Kissed her Neck from the behind. She Screamed of Fear and quickly Turned around, she was Gasping for breath due to fear and didn’t Realize that what happened All of a Sudden.

He didn’t Leave her & Pulled her Closer to himself, while his hands were still on her waist. She gained her Senses and quickly Recognized him and tried to free herself from his strong Grip, but In vain. He Placed his finger on her Lips and kissed her Cheeks. Then, he Placed his Lips on her Lips and started Smooching them. She was All Nude in a Stranger’s Arms.

As she actually wanted to enjoy with him, as his was the strongest Penis, she had Ever See, so, stopped Resisting, anymore. He Placed both his hands on her breasts and started Caressing them. She Shied & turned around. His Penis was Poking Like a Sharp knife, into her nude Ass Cheeks.

He started Pressing her boobs from behind and then moved his fingers from her Tits, to Navel and further to her Vaginal Cut. She spread her Legs and gave his fingers an Easy Approach to inside the warmth of her Vagina. He touched his fingers on her Vagina and rubbed her there. She quickly Turned around and kissed him on Lips.

While they were Kissing, she Placed her hand on his Errection over his Frenchie. Then, She started kissing his Entire body & started Moving Down. The Penis head was Peeping through the Top of the Frenchie, as it was Too small to cover its entire Length. She Rubbed his Penis & started Pulling down the Frenchie and dropped it to his feet. She sat on her knees, while he was standing.

The Water from the Spring was flowing on to their bodies. She Caught the Penis and rubbed her hand on its Entire Length. She Gripped it in her fist and raised it above, then, she started Licking the Entire Length of his Penis. She then took its Head into her mouth and started sucking it like a Lolly Pop. He Grabbed her shoulders and increased the speed of the stroking inside her mouth.

After sometime, he made her stand up. He took her some feet behind, under the Spring water, where there was a Stone Slab Placed to Sit and have a bath. He Laid her on her back on the Slab, Raised her Legs and He kissed the sides of her Thighs and went down to Lick her Vagina. He licked her Pussy for half an hour, like a hungry Dog.

Then, he got up and raised her Legs and Placed them on Each of his shoulders. Then, he rubbed the Head of Penis on her wet Hole. She Shivered of Enjoying, thinking of taking his entire Length into her Pussy. He Placed the Penis Head on her Wet Hole and made a Gentle Push. The Spring water was still flowing on to their bodies.

In a Single Push, he Put One-third of Penis into her Hungry Pussy, the Lips of Pussy got Wide Spread due to thickness of his huge Penis. They seemed like Asking for more, with an Open mouth. She was screaming with Pain and was asking him to Pull-Off. He made another Gentle Push and now, half of the Penis was inside her Pussy, then, he started stroking it Gently.

Slowly, she started enjoying. Now, she started screaming with Joy and was asking for more. He was Slowly stroking her and make her enjoy. In between, he made little jerks and Put the entire Length in her Pussy. She felt as her Pussy was Conquered by a Real King for the first Time in her Life. While I returned, I found the Gate Locked from Inside, I tried to find Out way to reach inside,

Closer the Gate, there was Guard’s Cabin, which had a One feet window Opening towards the Lake, from where he must be keeping Vigil on People bathing, actually he would have been enjoying the beauty of nude Women from there. This Window was not wide enough for anybody to jump through it on Lake’s side, So, from there, I saw the Guard fucking Jyoti under the Spring.

I felt angry,as he had bolted the Door from Inside, but Slowly I started Enjoying from there, as Jyoti was also enjoying, as she always wanted to be fucked by 9″ Penis of the Guard she had expereinced earlier (Refer : JYOTI AND JATIN’S HOT HONEYMOON – I), I was witnessing there whole acts from there. All of a Sudden, he Pulled Off his Penis.

He then raised her from the Slab and made her stand. He Placed her one Arm on the side of the Rock, from where Spring was Flowing to take Support and other One, wrapped over his shoulder and then Raised her one Leg and Placed it on the Stone Slab, it gave him, More Access to Vaginal inside, while Standing, then, he Rubbed his Penis on her Vagina and Slowly started Pushing it inside of her.

This Act was more Painfull for her, but Once the entire Penis was inside, he started stroking it Rapidly. This was a Wild Sex in True Sense, which they were Enjoying. He was well Built like Sanjay Dutt of yesteryears, while she was Looking as beautifull as Kangna Ranaut, It Seemed to me, as I was watching a Porn movie, of Sanjay Dutt fucking Kangna Ranaut, in the Open under a Flowing Spring.

Then, he decided to Change the Act, he Took her to a Side Wall and Raised from her Waist and made her Grab the Sides of the Wall with her arms spread on the Wall, he Caught her by her buttocks and Put his Entire Penis in her Pussy in One Go, Know her body was swinging in his strong Arms as he had wrapped his arms around her waist to maintain balance and was stroking her Pussy, heavily.

This was the Real Wild Sex I had ever Witnessed in my Life. AFter sometime, he Stopped and went to the Stone Slab and Laid on his back over there, then he asked her to Climb on him. She went upon him, Opened her Vaginal Lips and Put the Penis Head on Pussy Opening. The Penis started Vanishing into her Pussy, Like a Knife Inside a Water-melon.

Know, he was Resting on his back and she was Stroking, while Jumping on his Penis, with a Speed. She was herself Caressing her Boobs. Then, She Raised her Arms in the Air, and her boobs were bouncing like Footballs as had grown in Size, due to Wild Sex. She Told him to inform her when he is about to Cum.

She had her Orgasm after sometime and her Vaginal Juices were flowing to his Penis. So, after Sometime, when he was reaching his Orgasm, he Pointed to her that he May be about to Cum in a Couple of minutes. She Got up from his Penis and sat between his Legs and then started Stroking his Penis with her hand, May be, she wanted to Drank his Cum.

She slowed her hand and Licked the Entire Length of his Penis. He Stood Up after that and made her Sit on slab under the Spring. The Spring water was flowing on their Warm bodies. He Put the Penis into her mouth and started stroking it heavily. After Sometime, he Pulled the Penis out of her Mouth and his Sperm Came with a Thurst and Fell onto her Entire Face,

and Shoulders and further he Shed more of Sperm onto her breasts, which she Rubbed on her tits, made them Glow into Sperm of the Best Ever Man who had given her fuck of her Life. Then, She Licked Some Drops of his Sperm and then Took it again into her mouth. After some time they seperated, Embraced each other, Smooched Each other,

then Kissed Each other to Bid a Goodbye with a Promise to meet Again. They were watching into Each other’s Eyes, as like a Couple in LOVE, Never Realizing the Age Difference of 28 years between them. He Went down & Pick up his Frenchie and Wore It and came towards the Gate. Realizing that, I moved from his Cabin and Went towards the Road, and came back again,

Pretending that I had not Seen him fucking the Girl. By the time, I came back, he was in his Cabin and had dried himself and had wrapped a Towel under his Waist. I entered the Lake Area and Saw that Jyoti was drying her hair with help of a Cloth, while standing all Naked. I went to her, removed my Towel and gave her, Pretending as I had not Seen her getting fucked,

as I know that she herself will share all details with me, in her Own Interesting Style. We Wore Our Clothes, Came Out and Bid Goodbye to the Guard and Told him that we May come Next year, as that was Wonderful Place for Enjoyment and Taking bath in the Open.

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