Guy losing virginity to friends mother

This is my first story submission to Human Digest. Any and all feedback is welcome. All events that take place in this story are true. I am John ( name changed ) living in Shimla. I am in second year BBA and this story happened last year with a lady who is mom to my dearest friend.

Ever since Tom ( name changed ) and his family moved next door to me from delhi, two things have been true…Tom and I have been best friends and I’ve been extremely attracted to Tom’s mother Layla. This was about a few years back when I must have been around 12 or 13 and visit Tom’s house for Carrom or Chess. One fine day my outlook towards Layla changed all.

I was to go for a piss very badly and leaving the board I went to the bathroom. It was slightly open and I could make out there was someone in. I peeped in to find Layla bathing. Since the place where I was standing was dark, she could not see me, but I could see her milkfish white body in the light emitted by the bulb. She was very fair, being an Anglo Indian.

I was very scared but at the same time tempted to keep staring. John, called Tom and I had to rush back. I could not tell him that I had seen his mother in the birth suit and that the boobs were very firm and big. Her crack was not seen due to a plush growth of hair. Each time I went to his house, I would expect this kind of situation, but it never happened until this day last year.

Layla is about 5’5″ in her early forties with shoulder length blonde hair, beautiful C-cup breasts, and an ass to die for. She is not skinny but definitely not fat either, very well proportioned. She had been having marriage problems lately with her husband and it was slowly falling apart and we all knew.

December 25. Christmas morning started out similar to every other year by opening presents. I don’t know why my mom still insists on writing “From Santa” on some of the presents even though I turned 18 and legally became an adult last summer. After opening presents, I went to watch some t.v. when my cell phone rang. “Hello?”

“Hi John. It’s Layla. Listen, I have presents for you and your sister if you want to come next door and pick them up.” “Thanks. I’ll be right over.” But my sister is out to our grandpa’s house. As I hung up the phone, a smile came to my face knowing I would finally get to see Layla by herself. Tom and his dad had taken a trip to see relatives in Delhi and wouldn’t be back for another week.

I rang the doorbell to her house and Layla immediately answered wearing a small robe that ended just above her knees. She invited me inside and we got to talking, the usual small talk. She asked me many things and including about my girl friends, which I denied. After some time she got up to go to the loo and I started getting tempted as there was no one in the house and I can seize the opportunity to try my luck.

I slowly tip toed and bent down to see her piss as it was an old fashioned house and they still have Indian toilets. I could not see her properly, but I think she sensed that I am seeing her and immediately got up. Back to living room, over a cup of coffee, all of a sudden she asked, “So how is your sex life?” My face immediately flushed red as I was still a virgin.

Embarrassed, I replied, “Well actually, it’s pretty non-existent.” I think she suddenly felt awkward be cause she quickly changed subjects. “Well I was just watching t.v. by myself. Would you care to join me?” she asked. I couldn’t refuse being alone with the woman I’ve had countless fantasies about so I accepted the invitation and she led me into the living room.

She laid down on the side of the couch and I was about to take my place at the other end when Layla said, “What do you think you’re doing way over there? We’re comfortable enough around each other. Why don’t you come lay next to me and keep me company.” I nervously walked over and laid down next to her.

We shared a blanket and watched some television for about an hour all the while Layla was resting her head on my shoulder and cuddled up against me. At one point I looked down and saw that Layla’s robe had loosened some and I had a clear view of one of her breasts. Instant hard-on. She caught me looking, gave me a smile and said, “See anything you like?”

I was embarrassed and started to apologize but she reassured me and said it felt kind of nice to have someone look at her like that again. I smiled and shifted position to where I was facing her but she responded by turning her back to me and moved back against me forcing my raging erection to be nestled between her ass cheeks.

I immediately became nervous but was reassured when I heard a soft moan escape her lips. I got a little bolder and started to grind my hips ever so slightly. Layla moaned again started to move her hips to meet mine. We had a nice rhythm going when she quickly turned around and without a word untied her robe and threw it aside.

There I was, laying next to the woman I’ve been fantasizing about for years, naked. I looked up and down her body from her gorgeous breasts to her shaved pussy. Caught up in the heat of the moment, I leaned in and we locked lips in a passionate embrace. As we kissed she started pulling my clothes off until we were both naked.

We lay on the couch kissing and both completely naked, when she stopped the kiss and said, “Wait, you’re going to love this.” With that she moved her way down my body until her face was inches away from my engorged cock. She opened her mouth, wrapped her lips around my cock, and proceeded to give me my first blowjob.

She took me all the way and swirled her tongue around my head. I was getting close and I think she noticed because she stopped and lifted her head. She looked up and said, “I want you to save all that cum for my pussy.” With that she sat up and positioned her pussy right above my cock.

She looked at me and smiled right as she sat down and my cock was engulfed within her pussy. She proceeded to ride me like a pro as I stared at her big tits bouncing up and down in rhythm with her movements on my cock. We fucked like this for a couple minutes until she started screaming.

“OH MY GOD! JUST LIKE THAT! OH MY GOD I’M CUMMING! Her body started to spasm above me as she exploded in a massive orgasm. She jumped off me and started to suck my cock again, tasting her juices. I sat up and told her to bend over and she complied. I stood behind her staring at the most amazing ass that has filled my dreams.

I moved up and placed my cock at the entrance of her dripping pussy. But before I put it in, she turned her head to me and said, “Fuck me. Fuck me until you cum in my pussy.” As she said that, I thrust my cock and it slid all the way inside her wet cunt. I started to piston in and out with reckless abandon.

It did’t take long for her to cum again as she started writhing under me and screaming, “OH FUCK! YOU’RE MAKING MY CUM AGAIN! CUM WITH ME!” That was all it took as I exploded inside best friend’s mother. Stream after stream of my cum shot deep inside her cunt.

After both of our orgasms subsided, we laid on the couch with my cock still inside her and cuddled until my softening cock fell out of her pussy. As I got up to put my clothes on and go back home Layla sat up and asked, “So, did you like your Christmas present?” “I wish it could be Christmas every day if it means I can fuck you like that again.”

“Great. So can you come by tomorrow and keep me company?” she said with a naughty smile. I just smiled back and nodded my head as I made my way out the door still in disbelief that I lost my virginity to my best friend’s mother.

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