Getting raped but i liked it

I was at the mall waiting for my best friend in the Family Restrooms you know where the families go with there kids…well ya the only reason we where waiting there is because she gets lost easily and the restrooms are easy to find -_-

my name is Lillian I am 5’4 tall with medium light brown hair hazel eyes light skinned 32 C breast and a ass that guys tell me that they die for.

I was 18 and i needed to go shopping for clothes before i left to college.

Back to the story: I was sitting down on the couch in the restroom alone listening to my ipod when i saw a group of guys pass by staring at me. I just stared back and they came in the restroom locking the door behind them

i was confused why they did that and got up to get out of the restroom because i felt awkward with them in there but they grabbed my hand and pushed me inside a room in the restroom and closed the curtains. I was about to scream and they covered my mouth and told me to Shut up or they will kill me. My heart was beating really fast thinking OMG I’m going to die.

( there where 3 guys they looked around there 20’s handsome looking one had brown eyes the other one had had green and the other blue.. let me put it short they looked like those hollister guys aka Beach Boys)

the one with the brown eyes told me

“if you do what we say you will not die”

me: (whispered) “OK”

then he told me to take of all my clothes and i did as i was told and they stripped as well

and i noticed they had very huge cocks thick and big about 9 inches which made me moist down my pussy

when they where starting to jack off i dodged out of the room but they grabbed me and slammed me to the ground and i cried of pain and told me if i tried to escape i will be dead.

the guys with the blue eyes shoved his big cock inside my mouth and told me if i bit his cock i will die

and to suck it good. He grabbed my hair and moved my head up and down his cock i almost gaged and he cummed inside my mouth and i spit it out cum all over my tits while the one with the green eyes grabbed me and tied my hands to a chair.

i was in the doggy position when the one with the blue eyes shoved his cock in me and i screamed and they covered my mouth he started to move its slow while my tears came out in pain. Then he moved it in fast i was started to like it and moan in pleasure while i had orgasms the guys noticed that i like it so they untied me while they where fucking me very good until the one with the brown eyes wanted it to be his turn he laid down and i was on top of him while the one with the green eyes shoved his cock on my ass hole and the one with the blue eyes shoved his cock inside my mouth we where all moaning until i felt one of them cum inside me and i moaned really load saying out loud “fuck me hard!” it felt like heaven until i was tired out they all wanted me to suck there dicks and i did all cumming in my mouth and i swallowed it then i heard my phone ring and they asked if i was going to answer and it was my Best Friend asking she was here and wheres the Family Restroom i gave her directions and i know she will be hear in about 5 min we all got dressed and they asked for my number i gave it to them and said we will call when we need you and they left thinking of what they where planning to do next.

my friend came in while they where leaving and she told me “DAM THERE SOOO HOT!”

and i said “yes Gina they are.. yes they are”


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